Light Truck Fleet Maintenance In Australia: Tips For Businesses

  • Ashley Bromley
  • October 26, 2017
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Owning a fleet of commercial trucks entails great responsibility. Light truck fleets call for adequate maintenance efforts that can be both time consuming and costly, if not done properly. The quality of maintenance work will eventually determine how you run your business. For this to become quick and affordable, you can see the guidelines below.


Increase preventive maintenance

You may want to stay away from increasing your regular expenses, but this one can really save you in the long run. Easy maintenance work or checks at certain intervals keeps the big problems away. When real trouble strikes, you get to pay a much bigger amount. Therefore, why risk getting into that situation, perhaps over and over again, when you can make a decent investment in preventive maintenance and avoid the more serious trouble? If, for example, the engine gets significant damage, then repairing it may cost as much as $3,000.


Specialised repair services – no compromise

Not any repair service will do in the case if light trucks used for commercial purposes – especially ones that are subject to a great dose of daily activity and therefore a lot of wear and tear. You need to find a specialised Diamond Creek mechanic who is accustomed to every matter, starting with the front end. Search for an all-encompassing service that includes catering to brakes, tires, suspensions, furl and electrical systems, springs, exteriors, engine diagnostics, plow repairs, carburetors, generators plus DIESEL work.


Light commercial trucks call for management software

A fleet of light trucks should be closely managed, especially when involved in commercial activities. The easiest and most efficient way is to obtain vehicle management software and use it for your entire fleet. You can thus keep track of schedules and eliminate the guess work. This also makes it easier to plan your budget for the future. Also, it can save you money. When you’ve done repair work on certain vehicles recently enough, you don’t have to repeat it if it’s too soon. Cater only to those that haven’t received attention lately instead of repeating the work for the whole fleet.


Consider vehicle tracking

This is yet another type of software that proves to be extremely useful to fleet managers. It enables you to know the location of each vehicle at any given moment. This kind of information is very helpful with any incidents that may happen on the road, as well as in the event of insurance claims that need to be made consequent to such incidents. When you have precise data, no one can claim otherwise.


GPS Tracking

This may not be compulsory, but when you have a fleet of vehicles that usually take long trips, such as light trucks or semi-trucks, then it will prove very helpful. It also makes driver – base communication not so necessary anymore. Plus, GPS tracking can reveal patterns and be of great help in case of vehicle theft.


Light truck maintenance isn’t much different from that of any other vehicles common to fleets. Therefore, the guidelines are the general ones, with an emphasis on getting the right repair services and Go A Grade mechanics to cater to these trucks and understand their particularities. Other differences are in relation to the use of the fleet – the duration of trips, their frequency and the merchandise involved.