Improving SEO By Interlinking

  • Ashley Bromley
  • August 29, 2017
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There is no doubt about this that backlinks are quite vital for a site. But when it comes to improving the SEO of a site, we cannot give less importance to internal linking too. This also works effectively in improving the browsing experience for a user.

The interlinking factor is highly recommended and important for every website. Not only will this work productively from the point of view of Google Adwords provider in Australia, but also works effectively from the point of a business. A content that’s been posted on a site will not be able to bless the site with its complete organic ranking potential if interlinking s not done the right way. It will also not be able to reach out to a wide number of users.

So, how is internal linking useful? Let us go through some effective practices which reveal the importance and necessity of internal linking in the area of SEO development.

Internal Linking and Its Functions

A well set internal linking structure will provide the website with SEO and user experience value. A few of the points regarding internal link functionality have been listed below:

  • It will make it easier for opening routes to web pages which were not quite accessible in the past by search engine spiders
  • It gets easier to organise web pages as per its keyword that has been used in the anchor text and URL’s link
  • Navigation for the user definitely improves drastically. It will ensure that further pathways are created so that user can get in touch with your site, easily
  • It aids user intent by smartly using anchor text keywords
  • It works wonderfully when it comes to marking out or highlighting promotional campaigns on a content page or home page
  • It can easily cross through the link juice, which is found in between the web pages
  • It does help in organising site structure. It also is useful in communicating message across to search engines details about your vital web pages
  • There are however a few cases about links which cannot get parsed by search engines. It is important for you to keep them noted down, so that you do not get mistaken in the future

Links present in your web pages which are not permitted in your robots.txt file.

  • Links present in the submission fields and search bars
  • Web pages that contain more than 150 links
  • Links which are embedded in plugins such as in Flash or Java

User experience (UX)

Apart from all the benefits SEO gains from interlinking, it also turns out being quite profitable in terms of user experience. A well organised interlinking structure should provide you with a navigation bar and drop down menu. The links should lead one to informative and relevant topics which will convince the need and requirement of the user.

With detailed and clear labeling done for every link, website interaction enhances. This will help to improve the value of SEO. This will also increase the session time of the user and they will want to stay on your site for a longer time.

Link authority

Internal links are not like backlinks. They do not have any direct impact on Google’s algorithm. However, they help in enhancing the backlink authority which flows from one page to the next.

You can start a new blog without the need of any recognition or authority. From one deep link which is from the cornerstone or homepage, you will be able to transfer your authority which was earned earlier, to the web page you wish to. This piece will reach a higher ranking position and get indexed quite quickly.

Usually, when site managers think about link building, they do not much care about SEO or value that it brings for UX which can be created through one’s own internal link. Even though the position of balcklinks will be at zenith, through internal link construction, you will be able to multiply across this wealth all across the website consistently.