Get Out Of Town In Style

When last did you really splash out on a fun day out that had been a long time coming, but you were just exercising caution and reservation about it because you thought it could possibly cost too much? If you have never done this or have not done something similar for a long time, now might be the time to do so. Just getting up every day and going to your job, living your ordinary life and going to sleep again to do it all over again the next day can be quite sad – but every now and then there is certainly the opportunity to liven things up and mix it up a bit with a brand new experience that previously you had never tried. It can be affordable and fun at the same time, ensuring that you don’t break the proverbial bank in order to spend this time and money on the day. 

Head for the winelands 

Take in some merlot and shiraz or cabernet and sauvignon blanc at a nearby winery, or one that is a bit of a drive out of your home town, with your friends and family. Yes, you can do this in your own vehicle, but the experience all the more elevated if you hire a limousine to take you to the places of your desire. A winery tour Melbourne can be a hang of a lot of excitement if you are not the one behind the wheel, instead entrusting this responsibility to your chauffer who is tasked to be responsible and look after your safety while you have some or a lot of fun. 

The size of it all 

Getting into a stretch limo that seats just a couple of you or parties up to an including 13 of your friends and family member can really make you feel like a very important person, akin to the rock stars Hollywood and Bollywood serve up across the world. They come with pretty powerful engines, too, ensuring that the size of the vehicle is not labored and it is in fact a really proper drive that again makes you feel like that VIP.  

Roll out that red carpet 

You and your friends will have a day in the life of a famous actor, being transported around without a care in the world. You can instruct the driver accordingly, stopping off a winery here and a delicatessen there – you can eat and drink to your heart’s content, but of course don’t overdo it. You might have to go to work the next day and you want to look after your health and your body anyway. Consider your schedule and your budget now and then make the enquiries you need to for your next big weekend out. They could all even club in, offsetting the cost somewhat so that you might even be able to increase the number at your party and therefore hire a second vehicle which will of course have to come with a second driver.