Add Value Rather Than Remove Attraction From Your Car

  • Ashley Bromley
  • June 4, 2018
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Looking after your car can be a tough undertaking if your pocket is tight and you are able to afford the related expenses that you were able to previously. Often, people start to neglect their vehicles and the maintenance thereof when they are pressed for cash. If you fall into this bracket during any period in your life, it is okay to cut back on costs here and there, but don’t go the full Monty by not spending any money whatsoever on your prized possession. Your car is going to have to look after you during times of need, when you are hunting for a job or providing for your family in some way or another, so be sure to look after her in return. 

In fact, if you are going to sell, then give her an added spin 

If you are forced to consider selling your car, you might want to consider adding to its attraction by putting it through the car detailing Sydney and other parts of the country and indeed the world have to offer you. You could add value to the car and your asking price could then be a few hundred or thousand more because of what you have done. People – the potential buyers – will notice this and will then be inclined to go higher with their offering price rather than attempting to low ball you into a tag that you really should not be even thinking about accepting. 

When you’re in a remote part of the central location 

If you are unable to get a service, then let it come to you. The mobile car cleaning Sydney prices currently doing the rounds are pretty competitive, but you should look around a bit and see if anyone is giving that much more for the cost they are asking. Maybe a free buff wax or some sort of internal deodorizer comes with your purchase, and your car will just be better off with this value-add, rather than just getting the bog standard service and clean that you would have been offered and afforded otherwise. 

View this as an investment rather than an expense 

When retaining the car, remember that the price and cost that you put into it now will really be an investment down the line, at a later stage in the future when you are able to look back and see that what you did then has so much value now. It won’t always add up to the hundreds and thousands that you want, but the resale value will just be that much stronger and, if in the retention, the longevity will be much longer – years, if not even a full decade for your prized possession. So that’s a really good way to look at it when you are having your doubts and are actually quite tempted to go in a different direction that effectively isn’t suggested nor insisted by those professionals who are in the know and are ready and willing to walk – or drive – this proverbial life road with you.