A Buying Guide To Get Your Ford Ranger Covered! 

  • Ashley Bromley
  • November 19, 2018
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The adventure seekers and drifters love to roam out and about amidst the landscapes and the pristine sands of Australia. To maximise the adventure, most of the Aussies got their hands on to the Ford Ranger to complement the binge. However, where adventure gives one’s a thrill of time, it could affect the appearance of your car as well. Considering this, it is important to run your car through customisation in order to modify its appearance as per your demeanour and secondly, to protect the original materials from the external influences.

When it comes to customisation, all we could think of is changing wheel tires, adding lights, featuring in remote car starter or opting for sticking, to name a few. We barely put a sight on the seat covers which are the real deal in terms of usability and corrosion. But even there’s an issue; you cannot adorn the Ford Ranger with any universal seat cover rather you will have to opt for the custom fit option to enhance its outlook and to do justice with the customisation. The Dingo Trails has been offering finest quality car seat covers specifically custom built for Ford Models across Australia in order to not only add comfort and style in your life but to also adding a soul into custom look of your car. These are important considerations for those who want to protect the car while fully enjoying it without any fear of tears.

However, there are certain things that a person must consider while buying car covers which could range from style or comfort to the material being used. After having taken into account the need of time, below are given a guide to help you choose the right fit for your car seats, such as:


The first consideration for Ford Ranger seat covers is about the material you are going to put on your seats as it has to be technologically advanced and user-friendly. Nowadays, Neoprene seat covers have been loved by the adventurers for this consideration due to its amazing features: waterproof material, UV protected, ease of installation (slip-on), the wide range of multi-tone colour options and a proper fitting. There are other materials as well in the market but if you are looking for the best for Ford Ranger then neoprene is the preference.


It is no absolute necessity to go for mono-toned Ford seat covers in Australia rather you could have your personality embedded in the design by adding a few quirky to decent add-ons into its visual appearance or to keep it easy, you can look for two-tone designs in the neoprene material that comes close to your persona. It is just like living by the saying, a man is known by the things he keeps and the way he keeps them.


When it comes to seat covers, it is an investment and hence, has to be durable to stand the test of adventurous times. Therefore, it is another key factor which must influence your decision about the car seat covers Australia. Though neoprene is recognised across the globe as a comfortable and durable material but despite, it is better to check out more options by taking durability into consideration.


Who does not want to enjoy the ride comfortably? No one. Therefore, it is imperative that the Ford Ranger seat covers are comfortable and warm enough to accommodate your body in the right way. There are many other hand-stitched fabrics available in the market along with the vendors to do the job for you by considering the luxurious comfort and fine fittings into consideration but these types take a lot in terms of installation while neoprene material could be substituted in as a good source to leverage upon for comfort in a time effective yet durable way.

Stain & Water Resistant

It is the need of time that the seat covers Australia are stain and UV rays resistant as well as water repellent. As cars are the most common source of commuting from one place to another in Australia therefore, choose the colour of seat covers very carefully with the resistant feature in order to increase the longevity of the product lifecycle.

Though car seat covers seem like a trivial purchase that would cross your mind; but, in reality, they do matter a lot in changing the appearance of your car and adding more comfort or luxury in your life. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of this purchase and always rely on the credible dealer to ensure you are getting the best deal in the market.