7 Tips For Keeping Your Car In Great Condition

  • Ashley Bromley
  • October 4, 2017
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Some people spend thousands of dollars on their cars, while others are happy to buy a cheap vehicle that will get them from one place to another. No matter how much you’ve spent on your car, the most important thing is that it keeps going and starts up every morning when you want to use it. Here are seven ways you can look after your car.


Get the oil changed regularly

This really depends on how much you drive, but most people will get their oil changed about once a year. You can also get the filter changed, which will be more costly but can help to preserve the life of your vehicle.

Have it repainted

If you notice any damage or wear and tear to your car, you can have it repainted at Sensha if necessary. This won’t always be needed, but if you notice rust, paint scratching off or other issues, you can get best car coating which will help to stop it worsening and will make you car look and seem better.

 Clean it regularly

Most people don’t think that cleaning a car is a very important part of owning a vehicle, but without cleaning it properly, it can get increasingly dirty and this can lead to other problems. You should clean your car both inside and outside every couple of weeks in order to avoid a build-up of dirt and debris, and if you drive your car a lot through rough roads, clean it on the outside every week.

Have the brake pads replaced

Every 2-3 years, depending on how much you drive, you will need to have the brake pads replaced. This will ensure that you are as safe as possible while in your vehicle, since poorly performing brakes can put your life and the lives of other passengers and road users in danger.

Regularly check your mirrors

Another aspect of safety while driving your car is the mirrors – not only the internal mirrors allowing you to see what’s behind your car but also the external mirrors allowing you to view what is on either side of you and further back. Check these every week or so and get them fixed or replaced as soon as you notice any damage.

Check the light bulbs

As well as checking your mirrors and other parts of the car, you should do a regular check to make sure all the lights are working, both inside and outside. It’s not easy to miss out a broken light for a few days if you don’t do a proper check.

Keep it out of bad weather

Whenever possible, don’t drive your car in bad weather and if you’re parking it up for the night or for a few hours, put a cover on it if the weather is rainy or stormy. This will not only keep it in better condition, but it will give you peace of mind that no weather damage is happening to your car.