5 Factors To Consider In Subaru Performance Clutches 

  • Ashley Bromley
  • November 20, 2018
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Performance clutches are one of the most commonly used ways to enhance or to add a specialist component in the Subaru BRZ specifically and to any manual transmission vehicle generally, across Australia. The adventure or drift freaks like to incorporate the add-on speed and thrill to their racing cars and hence, the easiest and known method is the insertion of the performance clutch for them. There are different types of clutches available in the market to upgrade a car’s performance but before choosing it out; it is required to consider few important factors in order to make the most out of your car’s performance clutch without compromising on the other drivetrain components of your ride.

The Mantic Clutch in Australia has been providing top notch and high end performance clutches with respect to quality and efficiency since past 60 years. Their unique design, experience and knowledge about the field have earned them a good name as a car specific clutch specialist. Therefore, consulting with them for your subaru brz is a good starting point in search of the perfect performance clutch.

Moreover, below are given a few key must-haves that you should consider beforehand for incorporating performance clutches in your car, such as:


The torque capacity of the Subaru BRZ performance clutch determines the amount of torque which would be transferred from the engine to the transmission before it slips. There are generally four things that hold the torque in the clutch such as coefficient of friction of the disc material, number of disc plates, their diameter and the clamping force of the pressure plates. Generally, it is preferred to have a clutch system with lesser torque keeping capacity as compared to the one being generated by the engine. Reason being, hardcore or abusive driving could harm the expensive drivetrain component of your machine and to keep such things from happening moderate torque capacity is considered for a clutch system.


The engagement of the performance clutch Australia with your Subaru BRZ machine has to be smooth in propelling it forward. Modulation of the machine gets affected by the number of pressure plates being incorporated along with the clutch. Considering this, two plate clutch would make the engagement and modulation smoother as compared to the three or more plates based clutch. Similarly, disk material is another important factor which determines the smooth engagement of the clutch. For instance, performance clutch which is made of organic or similar materials reduces the coefficient of friction and engagement smoother while metallic or other exotic materials act in the vice versa direction.

Clutch Abuse  

Another key factor in choosing the right performance clutch for Subaru BRZ depends upon the usage of the clutch on a routine basis. If the clutch abuse is too much then you would choose it accordingly or if it is usual then you would opt for the normal option. Basically, when the disc slips, the clutch could not transfer the energy to the wheels which get restrained in the disc in the form of heat. Metal-based clutches are good to transfer the energy to the wheels while organic material ones do not turn out to be that good when there’s any clutch abuse.


Price is another important factor in picking up the Subaru BRZ performance clutch in Australia as one must go for the high toque-holding capacity and multi-disc based clutch systems for a race car as compared to the high quality, a single disc-based system for a normal to medium toned cars. All in all, it again comes down to your usage to determine the budget of the clutch kit for your car.

Safety Standards 

Safety comes first as there’s no denial to that; considering this, there are various sanctioning bodies in different states of Australia that requires a race to have its clutch or other racing components of the car to be adhered by the state’s safety standards. Therefore, check for similar information from the sanctioning body of your state in Australia and then ensure that you comply with their requirements and standards.

Last but not least, you must abide by all the aforementioned factors in order to find the right performance clutch Australia. Additionally, you should also know about the peak of the torque output in your machine, its total weight or the types of your performance driving as these will help your clutch manufacturer in better determining the needs of your machine and hence, would accommodate you accordingly.