4 Ways To Look After Your Car Windscreen

  • Ashley Bromley
  • January 17, 2018
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You might be worried about one of your tyres popping or something in your engine going wrong, but what about the things that we don’t always imagine problems with, such as the mirrors and windscreen? Looking after your windscreen isn’t difficult, and it’s a very low maintenance part of your vehicle. For most people, the biggest issues that they have ever experienced with windscreens isn’t so much wear and tear as it is accidental damage or freak accidents, such as a small stone falling off a bridge onto your car. While hoping for the best in terms of accidents, here are some of the ways you can look after your windscreen.  

 Inspect your windscreen for chips and damage 

If you notice any kind of damage to your windscreen, it’s important that you get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Unlike other things on your car which you might feel comfortable leaving for a while, your windscreen shouldn’t be left any longer than necessary if it has been damaged. When you’re driving, it should be quite obvious to see if there are any marks or chips and whether any damage has occurred to your window since you last drove the car. Make sure that you’ve not just noticed a small mark or a bit of dirt, since this can easily be cleaned and won’t mean you have to replace the entire windscreen.  

Find out whether you need a replacement  

It’s very rare that your window can be fixed, and even with the smallest of chips and scratches, you’ll have to replace the entire thing. This is why finding a windscreen replacement Brisbane company can save you a lot of hassle in the long run, since if you have the contact details of a reputable windscreen replacement Melbourne company at hand for whenever you need it, you won’t have to start shopping around when you urgently need to find one but have other important things on your mind too.  

Clean the exterior and interior regularly  

Although you might take your vehicle to a car wash every couple of weeks while it is cleaned outside, don’t forget about the interior of your windscreen which also needs to be washed. Having a clean windscreen is important in terms of road safety and being able to see clearly out of the window at all times, but it can also prevent any damage occurring due to rot, dust and mould.  

Don’t forget about your rear windscreen 

While you’re worrying about the front windscreen, don’t forget to check on the rear windows too. You don’t see these as often or as closely as you look out of the front windscreen, but they are still very important. Make sure that you have enough washer fluid, particularly if you’re going on a long journey and your windows are likely to get dirty. You should make the extra effort to check your back windscreen for damage, since you’re less likely to notice this as you’re driving.